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Time for Financial Planners to “Lead on LinkedIn”


In the modern world where the status-quo of everything gets disturbed on an everyday basis, anyone who refuses to adapt or innovate runs the risk of becoming the next Dinosaur. (My reference to them here is; as extinct and not as big and strong.)

A classic example I can quote here to bring things into perspective is of the past telecom giant, Nokia.  I am pretty sure each and every one who reads this article would have owned a Nokia phone at some point and am equally sure that none of you would be using it right now. In 2007 Nokia owned half of the global market share but they lost miserably in the smartphone battle and have ignorable share in 2016, arguably due to several reasons but one of them being lack of innovative strategy.

Innovation is the modern day success mantra and everyone around us is innovating. Look around you and there is innovation in products (ETF portfolios), ways of working (Mobile or Home-based working), creating solutions (SmartFolio) and marketing (Social Media).

All these innovations are geared towards our role and profession but one thing that stands out for me is the social media. For all others we have the organizations helping us out but as for the social presence, I guess the onus lies on us. This is one place where we can really step up, take the lead and be a notch above the competition before they even realize.

Frankly speaking, I believe that there is an incomprehensible advantage to be had in the socio-stratosphere by being the first and mastering the use of tools like LinkedIn and becoming the leader in Social media world.

Let’s face it, as much as we can depend upon the physical world for a referral from a client or a colleague, or perhaps a walk in to the branch now; the chances are that we will soon be depending a lot less on these in times to come and so we must look for, learn and adopt some other innovative strategies. 

Some of the key advantages to be had with efficient use of LinkedIn are:- 

  • It gives us a platform to link up with the colleagues and peers along with current and potential clients with whom you can exchange professional ideas.
  • We can share news and read-worthy articles helping educate our clients while staying in touch through casual social interactive means. This is going to gain increased relevance with tightening anti-spam email laws and current do not call registry situation.
  • We can follow what our clients prefer, like or do by following their news-feed e.g. see a job change for a client and congratulate him while discussing advantages of commuting pension plan from previous work !
  • When you are in the social interaction with clients, you will always be in their eyes and minds. Guess who they will be picking up the phone to call when they have an Investment related question?
  • When the colleagues or connection of your clients see them liking your posts or news feed the chances are that they will either themselves reach out to you or like to be introduced to you.
  • Perhaps the most important advantage would be the recommendations that you can ask your current clients to write for you and publish on your profile. Only thing better than a 10/10 promoter is a 10/10 promoter followed by a glowing recommendation on LinkedIn profile. In the modern day world everyone does their homework. Just like you look up a resort before booking a vacation, even after it was recommended by a friend; the chances are that prospects will look you up on social world before coming to meet you even after being recommended; so be mindful and make sure you create a great first impression.

These are just a few things and I am sure there is a lot more that  you can think of but as Mark Twain said, “ The secret of getting ahead is getting started” so let’s get started and begin our own march to “Lead on LinkedIn”

Vic Gill

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